Texas facing 1000 net covid-19 cases five day in row

    Texas, which started to open its companies at the beginning of May, has reported greater than 1,000 new cases of coronavirus for 5 consecutive days as the state struggles to curb the coronavirus pandemic.

    In response to data from the Texas Division of State Well being Services, 1,179 new cases have been reported on Tuesday, bringing the whole number of confirmed cases within the Lone Star State to 41,048.

    Since Gov. Greg Abbott (Republican) allowed some companies to renew operations on May 1, Texas has solely been under 1,000 new cases per day twice — on May four and May 7.

    On Tuesday, Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top public health officers, appeared on the Senate Well being Committee and warned that states who reopen their economies too rapidly might see new outbreaks of the illness that might end in “needless suffering and death.”

    “The results may very well be severe,” Fauci, the director of the Nationwide Institute of Allergy and Infectious Illnesses, said before the committee.

    Fauci pressured that states comply with the reopening tips released by the White House, particularly citing that states should see a 14-day consecutive decline in day by day new coronavirus cases earlier than starting to reopen. Texas has failed to reach that benchmark.

    Additionally on Tuesday, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) warned cities to not implement stricter covid-19 restrictions than these the state authorities has mandated in the course of the state’s first reopening period, which Abbott has slated to run by May 18.

    “Sadly, some Texas counties and cities appear to have confused recommendations with requirements and have grossly exceeded state regulation to impose their very own will on private residents and companies. These letters search to keep away from any public confusion as we reopen the state,” Paxton mentioned in a press release. “I belief that local officers will act rapidly to appropriate any orders that unlawfully conflict with Texas regulation and Governor Abbott’s Executive Orders.”

    Paxton added that Abbott’s executive order detailing a phased reopening supersedes any stay-at-home order issued by a metropolis or municipality authorities.

    Greater than 1,100 Texans have died from the virus in the course of the pandemic.


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