South Korea donated 2 millions of facemask to US

    South Korea’s foreign ministry stated Sunday that it had donated 2 million medical facemasks to the U.S. to assist fill shortages in hospitals hit hardest by the covid-19.

    A press launch they confirmed (that a) cargo aircraft carrying the masks would arrive within the U.S. on Monday.

    « The supply adopted comprehensive considerations, such as our nation’s home coronavirus state of affairs and the local provide and demand for masks, and the necessity for help for our ally, the U.S., » the ministry stated, in a press conference.

    « We hope that South Korea and the U.S. will rapidly overcome the shared challenge of thecoronavirus illness by way of this help, and this could contribute to sharing Korea’s quarantine expertise with the worldwide group, » the press launch continued.

    Harry Harris, the U.S. ambassador to South Korea, thanked South Korea’s authorities in a pair of tweets.

    A BIG thanks to ROK and @TheBlueHouseKR for offering 2 million face masks to @fema. Our alliance and friendship are as very important and ironclad right this moment because it was 70 years in the past. #ThankYouROK #WeAreInThisTogether
    — Harry Harris (@USAmbROK) May 10, 2020

    The donation of masks marks the second main act of help South Korea’s authorities has taken within the wake of the covid-19 outbreak; Maryland’s governor previously introduced in April that his state had acquired half one million navirus testing kits from the nation.


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