Texas salon owner sentenced for jail for refusing shut down

    A Texas salon proprietor was sentenced to seven days in jail on Tuesday after refusing to close down regardless of social-distancing restrictions requiring her enterprise stay closed amid the coronavirus outbreak.

    Dallas Judge Eric Moye held Salon (called « À la Mode ») proprietor Shelley Luther in criminal and civil contempt of court for refusing to obei to a restraining order issued in late April, in accordance with court paperwork. He additionally ordered the corporate to pay $500 for day-after-day the salon violated the court’s mandate for the enterprise to remain closed. Luther is planning to make appeal.

    « The defiance of the court’s order was open, flagrant and intentional, » Judge Moye wrote. « The defendants, although having been given an opportunity to do so, have expressed no contrition, regret or remorse for their contemptuous action. » He added.

    This down the same day Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) stated that hair salons and barbershops could be allowed to re-open with modified restrictions on Friday.

    Luther in April opened her salon in defiance of a stay-at-home order imposing restrictions on mass gatherings and non-essential companies across the state. She gained nationwide consideration after tearing a cease-and-desist letter she received from a Dallas County choose during a demonstration voicing to opposite to quarantine measures.

    Dallas County Decide Clay Jenkins sent a stop and desist letter to the proprietor of the Dallas-area salon on April 24, in accordance with WFAA. Luther additionally reportedly received a citation for having opened the salon.

    A temporary restraining order was issued towards Luther on April 28 after she continued to maintain her store open. The court stated on Tuesday that operations on the salon had continued till the date where Luther
    has been  hearing.

    On the hearing, Luther reportedly stated that she had « no other choice » except tu maintain the salon open. Although she additionally noted that she had received a mortgage from the federal authorities, WFAA reported.

    « I must feed my own and my stylists couldn’t feed their families,” she stated.

    Moye told Luther that he would take into account not ordering jail time if she admitted that her actions have been selfish and apologized to the officers whose orders she defied. However Luther responded by arguing that it’s « not selfish » to go to work to feed her youngsters.

    « I’ve to disagree with you sir, whenever you say that I’m selfish as a result of feeding my children — shouldn’t be selfish, » Luther stated. « I’ve hair stylists which can be going hungry as a result of they’d rather feed their children. So sir, for those who mind the legislation is extra essential than children getting fed, then please go ahead with you decision however I’m not going to close the salon.”


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