President Trump visited N95 Facemask factory

    President Donald Trump didn’t put a face masks — as is really helpful by health officers to assist in stopping the spread ofcoronavirus — throughout his tour of a Honeywell manufacturing facility in Phoenix, Arizona on Tuesday.

    As Trump toured the manufacturing facility, which is producing N95 facemasks for the federal authorities, he and different officers wore security glasses however didn’t put masks. In a clip, at one point on the tour, staff blasted Guns N’ Roses’ cover of the James Bond theme music from Wings, “Live and Let Die.” As Trump spoke to a employee that was carrying a masks, he may barely be heard over the din as he requested what number of masks have been made in a day and the employee’s response is difficult to discern. Afterward, Trump gave a thumbs up to the camera. An indication within the manufacturing facility acknowledged that masks have been required within the manufacturing facility.

    Trump, who early into the Covid-19 pandemic advised about masks, has refused to put them regardless of mounting advices from health specialists encouraging everybody to do so. Though he told reporters before his visit that he would put a masks if it was obligatory on the manufacturing facility, a White Home official stated Honeywell instructed the White House that there are no need to wear masks.

    In April, Vice President Mike Pence, who’s head of the White House’s covid-19 task force, ignored Mayo Clinic’s policy of requiring a face masks. Instead, Pence toured the medical facility and visited sufferers maskless.


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